Pretty Sleepy!

Beauty Sleep’s for real y’all
Do you want fewer wrinkles, bright eyes, a cold wet nose and a wiggly tail? Okay maybe just a few of those benefits are socially acceptable for us two-legged critters.
Are your eyes tired in the morning? Do you have puffiness, darkness or bags you don’t remember packing?
It turns out that a deep and healthy sleep each night really does build collegan (the stuff that keeps skin from sagging and gives a healthy supple look to our skin).
Try to get those “power hours” between 9pm and 3am. The hours before midnight are treated as double by your body. For example, if you are asleep by 9pm and wake at 3pm that is equivalent to sleeping 9 hours. If you could manage 9pm till 5am, that would be amazingly healing for your whole body.
Stay well hydrated with water or homemade fruit juices throughout the day and this will help your skin, your sleep, and your whole body; yes even your mental clarity.
Try not to play on your phone at night. They seem to have the same effect on the brain as soda or coffee.

Pumpkin Empanada with Cinnamon-Sugar Sprinkles (Vegan)

Tried these today…sent a sample to the lab for testing. The lab might have ate too many. They are addictive. What started out as simple american pie and crust recipe quickly went south of the border. We used coconut oil instead of butter in the pie crust recipe so that makes it vegan.